A new universe of private messaging.

No datamining

Own your conversations, choose where they live

No walled gardens

Talk to anyone, anywhere, whatever app they are using

No surveillance

Ensures you are only talking to who you trust, privately

Typical messaging apps own your conversations. Typical messaging apps mine your data. Typical messaging apps are not fully end-to-end encrypted. Typical messaging apps lock you into a walled garden.

Voxlox is not a typical messaging app.

VoxLox is unique. You own your data and decide where it lives. VoxLox lets you talk securely to anyone, regardless of app they are using.

Privacy, and data sovereignty for everyone.

Personal use

VoxLox gives you access to 18M+ users worldwide via a decentralised, open communication and collaboration platform.

Business ready

Connect with more than 1M+ existing business users, and anyone using Slack, Signal, Telegram, Microsoft Team, IRC or XMPP.


Whether you are a fan club, community group, or international network

Public & Federal

Trusted by governments and public sector organisations worldwide

Why end-to-end encryption?

More leaked data than ever before

2019 was a record year for data breaches. Sensitive data from government, health care, and hospitality were among the worst affected. Unsecured databases were rampant and organisational negligence bordering on criminal  seems to be the norm. With your data end-to-end encrypted, no one but you or your team can decrypt it. Peace of mind is guaranteed with our online tools.

More data sold than ever before

Data brokers spanning every industry imaginable including governments, credit reporting, and advertising buy and sell your data at breakneck speeds. These brokers aggregate a worrying amount of data on you and your habits (both online and offline). End-to-end encryption signifies an end to this shady business model. Without being able to look at data, brokers aren’t able to derive any value from it.

More walled gardens than ever before

Ever tried to move away from Facebook to another social platform? Ever tried using a new mobile chat application, only to find none of your friends are there? Traditional business models that exploit user information intentionally make these actions difficult. Platforms should be interoperable, and allow you to move your data in and out. Sovereignty over your data is critical. VoxLox is breaking down the data silos that have been so pervasive.

Encryption is privacy by design

An estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day and we’re only just now beginning to see what this means for the generations to come. The default for data online should be encrypted and private by design. Plaintext should be a term the public knows and consciously has to opt into.

Own your message data.

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Our mission is to protect your right to privacy, in the face of an increasingly centralised internet, online surveillance, and digital exploitation.

Your privacy is protected by the UN Declaration of Human Rights and UN Sustainable Development Goals.