Private voice, video and text messaging. Redefined.

Your digital identity + your message data, under your complete control.


Swiss privacy

VoxLox is neutral.

Bunkered in Switzerland. Protected by strict privacy laws. Bullet & nuke proof.

Open source

VoxLox is trustworthy.

Built by the people. For the people. No ads. No spyware. No backdoors.


VoxLox is secure.

We can’t even see what’s inside our database. Thankyou Schrödinger, Einstein and Virgil Security. Genius.


VoxLox is invisible.

We do not keep any IP logs that can be linked to you or your email or phone number. You are invisible.


VoxLox is easy.

Everything you would expect from a chat messenger. The way you expect it. And more.


VoxLox is unique.

Features and functionality driven by the needs of the individual. Game over big brother.

Coming soon on iOS and Android.

Our ethosystem protects citizens and businesses from data theft, unwanted and unauthorised digital surveillance.

VoxLox is end-to-end encrypted using post-quantum secure algorithms. It’s theoretically unhackable, even by quantum computers. Take a look at the source-code and see for yourself.

It’s not a messaging app. It’s a military-grade, peer-to-peer communications network.

Secure video conferencing & one-to-many broadcasting. Text and voice chat. File sharing. It’s a quantum leap in privacy and security. Built by the people, for the people.

We are giving free privacy and data sovereignty back where it belongs.

In the people’s own hands.


VoxLox is closing the digital curtains on unwanted online surveillance and personal data exploitation – for good.

– David Carry
VoxLox, Founder & Creative Director

Kickstarter launching soon.

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